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About Ben Reid

Ben is an experienced futurist speaker and commentator who focuses on new emerging technology trends and the impacts on business and society.

Ben works as a strategic technology advisor with senior leadership teams to develop robust innovation and technology strategy and actionable roadmaps. He brings over 25 years’ experience in software development, enterprise architecture, digital transformation and strategic business consulting to inform insightful and thought-provoking workshops, briefings and presentations.

Ben is also the author of the popular Memia newsletter which explores the cutting edge of new emerging technologies and the implications for society and the economy, with a particular focus on Aotearoa and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Featured: Ben Reid Speaking on Artificial Intelligence: 2021 and Beyond at the NZ Debt Capital Markets Summit, December 2020.
Featured: Ben Reid Speaking on Emerging Technologies at the CreativeHQ in April 2021.
Featured: Ben Reid Speaking on Emerging Technologies at CreativeHQ in Wellington, April 2021.

What others are saying

Featured: Ben Reid fireside chat with Rachel Kelly, Digital Council of New Zealand.

Featured: Ben Reid presentation on technology strategy for NZTE Digitally Speaking series, February 2021.

“Ben is one of my intellectual superheroes. I especially admire his eclectic and curious mind, and his ability to accommodate and synthesise multiple points of view.” 

– National CTO, Global Technology Company

“Ben has a great way of breaking down complex problems and making sense of all the noise!” 

“Ben Reid’s content is like an intellectual candy shop. He goes looking for gems under rocks that mainstream commentators simply don’t go looking for. The result is a refreshingly unique insight into a range of topics that once consumed leaves your brain fizzing and wanting more.”

“Thought provoking!”

“Ben delivered the insights we needed, such a vast pool of knowledge and advice to offer!”

“This weekly e-newsletter is fantastic, anyone even slightly interested in AI, technology and the future should subscribe.”

“I cannot recommend the Memia newsletter more highly. Tech, science, economics, heart, culture, identity, environment, agriculture, comedy. Every edition is riveting reading.”

Past Speaking Topics

Ben speaks to audiences on a diverse range of topics, exploring the intersection of cutting edge emerging technologies with societal and business change. Ben’s speaking presentations draw on a typically broad and diverse range of topics and themes, regularly informed by the latest developments covered in his weekly Memia newsletter.

Example topics:

  • Key technology trends and how they will affect your industry
  • How can new technology be used to solve tomorrow’s global challenges? 
  • Next level digital transformation: reinventing your business before the competition does
  • Artificial intelligence in 2021 and beyond: opportunities and challenges for your industry
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CDBCs): Latest developments and why they matter

Past Guest & Keynote Speaking Events

Emerging Digital Marketing Technology Trends 2021
Guest Speaker: “Emerging Digital Marketing Technology Trends 2021” at the NZ Tech Marketers conference. 30th June 2021
technology guest speaker invercargil
Guest Speaker: “Emerging Technology Trends 2021” at the Techweek21, Southland, conference. 24 May 2021
Jun 2020 – “The Role of Technology in New Zealand’s Post Covid-19 Economic Recovery”
Guest interview on the CanterburyTech EPIC Podcast
wellington guest speaker
Guest Speaker “Emerging tech: opportunities for Aotearoa in 2021 with Ben Reid” at the Creative HQ Event. 14th April 2021
technology guest speaker on the radio
Guest Speaker “Technology, AI, Pixels and Digital”  on Melbourne Southern FM Radio Show with Sandra Spender. 24th February 2021
Digital guest speaker
Guest Speaker “Selecting the right platforms and tech” at the NZTE Digitally Speaking series. 25th February 2021
Guest Speaker Auckland
Keynote Speaker” “Artificial Intelligence in 2021 and beyond” at the NZ Debt Capital Markets Summit 2002in Auckland. December 2020

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