Artificial Intelligence – Shaping a Future New Zealand

So I haven’t posted for a while… :-/

The main* reason is that last year I took up the Exec Director role with the AI Forum NZ and this has increasingly taken up much of my time over the last 9 months or so. Hugely rewarding work exploring, connecting with and developing the burgeoning AI ecosystem in New Zealand.

Last week we were proud to launch the Artificial Intelligence – Shaping a Future New Zealand report which is the product of nearly a year of research – benchmarking local AI capability against international developments, starting to understand the key impacts of AI on New Zealand’s economy and society and setting out some ambitious pathways towards a coordinated national AI Strategy. Take a read: download from the AI Forum website here.

The AI Forum’s work starts here to begin effecting the recommendations within the report. I expect I will be busy for a while yet…

*One other reason is here.





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