Christchurch Lean Startup Circle Meetup 20th June

There’s a new group meeting up next month 20th June – Christchurch Lean Startup Circle.

All over the world, Lean Startup Circle communities are getting together to share knowledge, experiences and build networks. It’s about time that Christchurch’s startup entrepreneurs and investors had a place to get together!

What is “Lean Startup”?

“Lean Startup” is a system for developing a business or product in the most efficient way possible to reduce the risk of failure.

It is an approach for launching businesses and products that treats all product and business ideas as assumptions (or hypotheses) that must be validated by rapid experimentation in the marketplace.  The approach relies on scientific experimentation, iterative product releases, and customers feedback to generate validated learning, see here for more info.

If you would like to participate in the very first Lean Startup Circle here in Christchurch then register your interest here.

Ben Reid from startup coaches Memia will be talking about practical experience applying lean startup methodologies and giving a quick overview of lean methodologies and how these can be applied to your startup.


First meetup is June 20th in the EPIC innovation building.


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