February 7th-11th 2011: A momentous week in Mobile

Last week was a momentous week in the field of mobile technology, with major strategy and product announcements from all the main contenders. Android and iPhone are now 1 and 2 as the go-forward mobile app ecosystems of scale: this week’s announcements set the scene for an exciting battle for who will be the “3rd ecosystem”: Microsoft/Nokia, HP WebOS or RIM?

See below for the choicest links:

Gartner 2010 Mobile Device Sales stats

Gartner released their 2010 end-user device sales stats: smartphone device sales grew 72%!!! Symbian had top spot still but lost 8% market share (see Nokia announcement below), and Android went from 3.9% to 22.7% in 1 year!!!. RIM and iOS (iPhone) entered the top 5, knocking Microsoft back to a morale-sapping 6th place.

Gartner end-user device sales stats:

Nokia/Microsoft announcement:

On Friday Nokia announced that they would are effectively end-of-lifing Symbian, pulling back from their JV with Intel in the Meego operating system and going forward as a (the?) major strategic partner for Microsoft Windows Phone:

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is a brave man, and if this works it will be the biggest turnaround since Mark Hurd took over at HP. Speaking of which…

HP WebOS Product Launches:

Earlier in the week, HP launched their three new WebOS Products, including a mini-smartphone the “Veer”, a business smartphone the Pre3 and their long awaited tablet the TouchPad which will compete direct with Apple’s iPad. Watch the CNET video below all the way to see the product demos: WebOS looks REALLY slick! In particular the NFC (near field communication) “ripple” between the TouchPad and a Pre3 is neat.

Android 3.0 Galaxy 10.1 – Honeycomb demo video
We’re all waiting to know when Android 3.0 – Honeycomb – which is designed for Tablet support will be out. Here’s a first preview of Samsung’s forthcoming 10.1-inch tablet running Honeycomb!

Apple rumours abound as to the expected date for the iPhone 5 launch
iPhone 5 slated for June 6 WWDC – analyst:

RIM working to ensure Blackberry Playbook can support Google Android Apps

…and in a surprising move, apparently Blackberry’s Playbook will be supporting the Android App Market?

All change until next week….


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