Presenting Course at CDC 24th Nov: Productivity and Internet Technology

For anyone based here in Canterbury, Smina and myself will be presenting a course on “Productivity and Internet Technology” at CDC next month 24th November. Course synopsis:

“A workshop designed for owners and managers of service based businesses looking to improve productivity and reduce costs through better use of IT.
Participants will be introduced to Enterprise Architecture techniques for small to medium sized businesses, productivity improvement by using better IT, whilst exploring the benefits that Cloud-based IT can provide your business and especially your workforce. You will take part in discussions on the basic approaches to improving productivity: change technology, change processes or change how people work. We will show you how businesses use technology make it a worthwhile investment to their business.

Follow-up coaching with the presenter provides a valuable opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities specific to your business.”

For more details and to register, go to the CDC website at:


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