Strategic Consultant and Trusted Advisor

Memia brings strategic, operational and governance experience working in a wide range of technology sector contexts, with a 25-year track record of experience helping organisations of all sizes achieve their goals, including:

  • Strategy facilitation, planning and governance
  • Board and executive briefings
  • Digital, IT strategy and enterprise architecture
  • Identifying and managing innovation
  • Technology policy development
  • Management team mentoring, growth and coaching
  • Tech industry collaboration and investment
  • Future technologies foresight

We provide tailored engagement formats to help our customers achieve the right balance between business and technology drivers, resolve complex decisions and gain a clear roadmap to move forward with.

We work with private sector boards, executive teams and public sector agencies to develop technology-enabled growth strategy, policy and commercial performance.


Clients engage us to help with long term decisions looking ahead – for example, strategic landscape analysis, disruptive technology opportunities and threats or shaping an innovation program.


Workshops, background research and stakeholder interviews bring clarity to complex decisions and provide options to proceed.


Thereafter we work closely with clients and their stakeholders to shape a roadmap to move forward.

Ongoing Engagement

And sometimes we’ll stay on board for the journey. We like it when that happens. 🙂