Memia Labs Monthly Digest March 2017

This month: 
// Quantum Computers Using DNA Storage
// (Don't) Tax The Robots 
// The Useless Class 
// The Astounding Cosmos

Here’s our monthly summary of what Memia Labs has been reading and thinking this month at the confluence of future technology, business and society.

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Back in 1997, French director Luc Besson (accidentally?) imagined DNA-based memory: in this scene from his flamboyant film The Fifth Element, Supreme Being Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) was reconstructed from her orders-of-magnitude-more-complex-than-human DNA – with her memories perfectly intact right up until the moment she had died (in an exploding spaceship, natch). This month, scientists have discovered how to fit the maximum amount of data in a single nucleotide, leading us into a future of DNA-based storage, potentially powering the next generation of Quantum computers (not to mention built-in backups for our minds…).


Full stack vertical AI startups actually work – in amidst all the AI hype 2017 will be the year of breakout successes from a handful of vertically-oriented AI startups solving full-stack industry problems.

…and Robots (they really mean AI)

Taxation without representation? Tax the robots says Bill Gates (…you what!?!). Don’t tax the robots replies the Economist. Why? Because robots will take these 5 jobs (but probably not these 5).

Everyone’s talking about

Homo Deus
414JWlgTXGL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_This podcast with author Yuval Noah Harari are well worth a listen to get an overview of the themes explored. A clear exposition of the potential near future when humans may no longer the most intelligent beings on the planet. His phrase “the useless class” is particularly sobering…

Azeem Azhar:

Miscellaneous Tech

Welcome to the fog computing era OpenFog Consortium Releases Landmark Reference Architecture for Fog Computing  (but how open is this Cisco-led standard when you have to register to download it…!?).

Hard drives of the future could be made of DNA, just like Leeloo

In fact, asks Wired, What if quantum computers of the future used hard drives of DNA?

Global Tech Industry 

Taking your SaaS product upmarket – Enterprise features are common across the board, this is a great resource

The Human Condition

I usually describe myself as a “destination, not a journey person”. Unfortunately for me, apparently Happiness Is Always Seeking Something More

You’re a different person at 77 than 14

Tensors, Tensors, Everywhere

So What Exactly Is A Tensor Anyway?

Getting cosmological

Finally this month we are seeing ever more astounding visualizations of the cosmos in which we belong. Ever since Hubble Deep Field discovered previously unimagined depth to the universe in 1995, our understanding of our nano-nano-nanoscopic place in the universe is continually reinforced. The universe seems to be layered in multiple orders of magnitude there to be explored and understood. Enjoy these if you haven’t seen them before.

It all started here with the iPhone app Cosmic Eye

Laniakea – our home supercluster


On March 25th spare a thought for me when I will be taking part in the inaugural Breca Wanaka Swimrun event: 42km of trail running and 8km of swimming in the freezing cold depths of despair that is Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.

Assuming I make it back from that in one piece, more in a month’s time.  🙂

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