Shivon Zilis’ Machine Intelligence industry landscape 2.0 – updated for 2016


Last year I covered a few of the developments happening in the Machine Intelligence (MI) space and in particular referenced the seminal work of US-based Canadian VC Shivon Zilis. She has recently updated her MI landscape analysis for 2016 in a new article: The current state of machine intelligence 2.0 which makes for essential reading. This is a really valuable primer for the rapid developments happening in the global industry right now, not least because it provides hundreds of real-world examples of how MI is now being applied commercially. In addition, Shivon’s accompanying article Machine Intelligence In The Real World is equally valuable as it starts to break down the nebulous world of MI into distinct categories (do you remember when the all-confusing “Cloud” became IaaS, PaaS and SaaS…):

  • “Panopticons” Collect A Broad Dataset
  • “Lasers” Collect A Focused Dataset
  • “Alchemists” Promise To Turn Your Data Into Gold
  • “Gateways” Create New Use Cases From Specific Data Types
  • “Magic Wands” Seamlessly Fix A Workflow  (this one resonates well with me – as a happy beta customer of Clara my time spent on diary management has reduced considerably!)
  • “Navigators” Create Autonomous Systems For The Physical World
  • “Agents” Create Cyborgs And Bots To Help With Virtual Tasks
  • “Pioneers” Are Very Smart

Both pieces are well worth a read and provide a valuable jumping off spot into deeper material for evaluating commercial MI opportunities.