Innovation and science need to play a bigger role in New Zealand economy – new progress report from MBIE on Innovation

Last week MBIE (the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment) released a progress report on growing New Zealand’s innovation capabilities.

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Here’s the quote which gives their definition of “innovation”. Pretty dry…  :-/

“There are two ways to grow an economy. The first is to increase the quantity of inputs that go into production – capital and labour. The second is discovering and applying new ways to produce more with the same quantity of inputs – this is innovation. Innovation is the introduction of a new or significantly improved product, process or method. Innovation increases the productivity of firms and the whole economy and creates sustainable long-term GDP per capita growth.”

It’s an interesting read – great news that the new ATI (to be named the Callaghan Institute) is confirmed as having a significant base in Christchurch. Download the report from: