Attending All About The Cloud 2011 in San Francisco

Excited to be here in San Francisco for this year’s All About The Cloud conference. This morning I attended a SaaS Pricing workshop with pricing guru Jim Geisman from Software Pricing Partners which was a really useful session with lots of interesting information and nuggets of experience. The speaker and topic lineup for the conference as a whole looks fantastic and  I’m looking forward to doing lots of networking and getting a feel for where the whole SaaS industry is at right now after the last few years of rapid, but lean, growth.

(PS I had an awesome ride out with Air New Zealand (@flyairnz) on flight NZ2 to LAX in one of their brand new Boeing 777s – I got upgraded to Premium Economy and the cabin layout is superb. Also the in-flight service was fantastic: Air NZ really employ quality people eh? Coolest of all is the seamless touchscreen drinks ordering – I ordered a Glenfiddich with ice and it turned up 2 mins later…). The only downer was the Panasonic in-flight entertainment system needing to be rebooted during the flight. (Interesting to see it’s running on Linux and all the command lines roll through when it’s rebooted). Makes me think that the plane must be carrying its own mini-datacentre (+cooling?) to serve interactive video to >300 seats? )